Keramiek Anne Perneel

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Anne Perneel

° Bruges 03/06/1961
Education: Hoger Instituut voor Beeldende Kunsten St. Lucas Gent, Ceramics 1983, Anne Perneel opened her own independent ceramics shop in Bruges in 1985. She produces a wide range of ceramics, focusing on high fired tableware for daily use. The majority of her work is created on the turntable and rectangular press-moulded dishes. Westerwald clay is fired in an electric kiln at 1250°C degrees to produce sturdy, good quality pots, plates, dishes, mugs, etc. . The decorations are mostly slip trailed, covered with a feldspar glaze or an ash glaze which both give a nice smooth surface and colour the slips to rich effect. Furthermore, Anne often uses painted and wax resistant decoration on her work: several applications of different glazes with wax drawings give a wide range of collars and several patterns.

Anne Perneel has worked for many restaurants, such as:

    tetepressee cuvee      
  • Tête Pressée, Bruges
  • Cuvée, Bruges
  • De Kruidenmolen, Klemskerke
  • De Zilveren Pauw, Bruges
  • De Zuidkant, Damme
  • De Karmeliet, Bruges
  • Oud Sluis, Sluis
  • Hertog Jan, Bruges
  • Le Petit Zinc, Antwerp
  • Het Gebaar, Antwerp

CONTACT T: 32 50 82 38 38 - E: anne(at) - WWW.ANNEPERNEEL.COM